Kibble And Treats – Large Classics

$80.00 / month

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Receive one 22 pound bag of Canine Caviar classic formulas and a variety of treats*. Classics include Free Spirit, Open Meadow, Special Needs and Grain Free Puppy. The product selected for your pets will vary based on their individual needs. You will also have the option of purchasing additional bags from the Classic or Grain Free line. Minimum retail value of $80.00.

*Treats – Doggie Bag Delivers Kibble and Gourmet Canned Food Topper packages include a variety of treats and supplements. The product selection will vary with each shipment and may include Dehydrated Buffalo Treats, Sweet Potato Treats, Omega Treats, Synergy Vegetable Mix, and Kelp.

Subscription: Every 30 days.


Many pawrents are choosing between grain and grain free foods. Well Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Alkaline Holistic Dog Food has both options! Whole peas, chickpeas, brown rice and pearl millet, oh my! How could you choose just one when they all sound so good? And they are good for our furbabies too. One meat, one carbohydrate, one well fed and happy pup.

Canine Caviar Dry Food Entrees

Buffalo Treats

Dehydrated buffalo treats are what dogs are pawing about! These single ingredient, 100% natural treats are guaranteed to make your dog drool and are perfect for all breeds and sizes. In addition to being an excellent source of Omega3, hormone and antibiotic free, these ingredients are from free-range, grass fed buffalo with no added salt, sugars, or preservatives. The crunchy, savory, insanely nutritious snack will inspire wagging tails all around!

Canine Caviar Treats And Supplements

Omega Treats

Omega 3:6:9 Treats are something to bark for! They are loaded with pawtastic ingredients while promoting healthy brain function, skin & coat health, itchy skin defense, heart health, cardiovascular benefits, cognitive function and neurological health, as well as normal immune response, while helping to protect against seasonal allergies. No grains, by products, gluten, corn, wheat, soy, GMO, chemical preservatives, & artificial flavors or colors. They are to roll over for!

Canine Caviar Treats And Supplements

Sweet Potato Treats

The 100% natural dehydrated sweet potatoes are grown fresh in the USA and are a perfect fat free treat rich in nutrients like beta carotene and anti-oxidants. They do not contain any harmful additives or added coloring, so they won’t cause blockages or stain your carpet. These delicious treats get two paws up and are muzzle-licking good!

Dried Sweet Potato


Coming from the finest quality kelp which is packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals, you can bet your pup is being taken care of!

Organic Norwegian Sun-Cured Kelp


Synergy is ready to mix in with their current food for the healthiest doggie dinner out there! With no dyes, no artificial preservatives and no chemicals, this dehydrated vegetable supplemental blend is a tasty holistic natural way to support your pooch with all the extra nutrients while helping to build a strong immune system.